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Friday, December 10, 2010

Life Really Does Need an Undo Function!

My hard drive crashed earlier this week, but, hey, I have a dual backup system!  No problem, right?  Except my camera software was storing picutres in a shared folder that was not part of the backup.  Big problem. My tech is going to see if he can recover the pictures from the old drive.  A lot of pictures existed elsewhere on my drive, so I guess I have the really important stuff.

On a lighter note, I bought some new stamps.  I especially like the one that says "I wish life had an undo function".  Could have used that when the drive crashed!  Here is a page with some of the new stamps.

I also tried some heavy gel to add texture to a page and I brought out my old, make that ancient, tole painting supplies.  After over 12 years, most of the paints are still okay!!  Here is the heavy gel with Jo Sonja silver metallic paint:

And finally, a work in progress.  There are many layers on this page; I have no idea where it is going nor where it came from!  Last night it told me it wanted to be flower. 

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