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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Focal Point?

In my art group, Fiber Optic Group, we are studying design.  The next session is on focal point.  I think the focal point in this design is the purple ribbons, mainly by contrast but also using placement.  I find the design principles hard to master but I'm sure my work will improve through the practice!

Boxing (Day) Bird

Here are two versions of my Boxing (Day) Bird.  The first seemed to have too much contrast so I added a wash of PearlEx Silver mixed with paint and then a glazing medium.  I discovered the black stamp on the bottom really helped to "ground" the composition.
And this is Willy guarding my room!   Looks ferocious doesn't he?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Zentangle Xmas

A friend gave me the "official" Zentangle kit for Xmas.  What fun!   But before I start with the kit, I wanted to finish the Zentangle in progress.

This seems to be a finishing day.  No turkey at my house!  But maybe I should go and cook some chicken. . .